September 15, 2023

TradeWinds Expansion: A Boost for Local Economy and Job Creation

The Economic Impact on St. Pete Beach and Tampa Bay

St. Pete Beach, a gem on Florida’s Gulf Coast, is poised to experience a significant economic uplift, thanks to the ambitious expansion plans of the TradeWinds Island Resort. As one of the top destinations in the region, the resort’s expansion is not just about enhancing guest experiences but also about contributing substantially to the local economy.

Projected Annual Tax Revenue: A Windfall for the Community

One of the standout economic benefits of this expansion is the projected annual tax revenue. The community stands to gain an estimated $20 million in new annual tax revenue. Such a substantial influx of funds can be directed towards community development projects, infrastructure upgrades, and other essential services that benefit residents and visitors alike.

Job Creation: A Major Employment Boost

Beyond the financial gains, the expansion is set to be a significant source of employment for the local community. The construction phase alone is expected to generate approximately 500 jobs. These range from skilled positions in architecture and engineering to roles in construction and project management. The ripple effect of this employment surge will undoubtedly benefit related industries, from suppliers to local businesses that cater to the increased workforce.

Once the expansion is complete, the resort will further contribute to the local job market by creating around 300 new permanent positions. These roles will span various departments within the resort, from hospitality and guest services to maintenance, administration, and more. For residents of St. Pete Beach and the broader Tampa Bay area, this means more job opportunities and a potential reduction in unemployment rates.

Privately Funded: No Burden on Taxpayers

A noteworthy aspect of the TradeWinds expansion is its funding mechanism. The entire project is privately funded, ensuring that no taxpayer dollars are allocated to the expansion. This approach not only underscores the resort’s commitment to the community but also ensures that public funds remain available for other essential community projects and services.

More Than Just an Expansion: A Vision for the Future

The TradeWinds expansion is a testament to the resort’s vision for the future—a future where the resort and the community grow hand in hand. By infusing significant capital into the project, TradeWinds is not only enhancing its property but also ensuring that the community reaps the benefits of this investment.

A Win-Win for TradeWinds and the Community

The TradeWinds Island Resort expansion is shaping up to be a game-changer for St. Pete Beach and the Tampa Bay area. With substantial economic benefits on the horizon, the project promises to be a win-win for both the resort and the community. As the resort grows and evolves, it remains deeply committed to its roots and the community that has been an integral part of its journey. The economic boost from the expansion is just one of the many ways TradeWinds continues to give back to the place it calls home.

With the resort’s rich history and its forward-looking expansion plans, the future looks bright for both TradeWinds and the St. Pete Beach community. The anticipated economic and employment benefits are set to usher in a new era of prosperity, making the resort’s expansion a pivotal moment in the region’s growth story.

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