August 30, 2022

The Local Community Benefits of a New and Updated Resort

St. Pete Beach is no stranger to updates and improvements. Even the name of the city, ‘St. Petersburg Beach’ was updated to ‘St. Pete Beach’ in 1994. Our city knows it is essential to embrace new ideas and opportunities. The TradeWinds Island Resorts has been an iconic part of St. Pete Beach for over 60 years, and our planned investment in our area is focused on bringing benefits to the community and increased preservation of our ecosystem.

In addition to the benefits to the local economy, here are some of the benefits that the new expansion will bring to our community:

The New Resort Will Create Jobs

Our updated resort will create jobs for people in our local community. Construction workers, architects, designers, and many other professionals will be needed to build the hotel or resort so that it can open its doors for business. There will also be jobs available for people who work at the hotel when it first opens, such as lifeguards and waiters/waitresses at restaurants located inside or near the hotel property. These jobs bring money into our community because people living there need places to live, eat and shop while working their jobs at the new resort.

The Resort Will Help Boost Tourism Dollars

The new world class resort will draw visitors from all over the country and overseas. This leads tourists to visit nearby attractions, restaurants, and stores, supporting local small businesses. These tourists will spend money on food, entertainment, and souvenirs while visiting our community and surrounding areas. This in turn generates more taxable revenue to be poured back into the community.

A Resort Can Be a Great Place for Business Meetings

The new resort will be an excellent place for business meetings because it provides an ideal setting for all groups, including corporate retreats, family getaways, and weddings. Businesses often choose resorts as locations for their appointments because they offer plenty of space and privacy. They also provide plenty of activities that can help keep people entertained while they meet, such as golfing or swimming at the pool.

It Increases Property Value

As with any quality local investment, this new world class resort will help improve and increase the value of all surrounding areas. We know you value where you live and we want to help increase your lifelong investment, by bringing a stable, generational investment to the area.

We Are Community Focused

TradeWinds has always held a high standard in not only being a first-class destination for our guests, but also being the best possible steward for our community. We want to work with the community to build the Next Generation TradeWinds to continue our commitment, investment and care for our community and St. Pete Beach.

The Local Community Benefits of a New and Updated Resort

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