December 31, 2022

The History and Future of the Tradewinds Resort

Florida is the capital of beach resorts in the US. With one at every corner, elevating competition among resort owners, it’s vital to understand what the people want and how to preserve the environment simultaneously. At Tradewinds Island Resorts, we’ve always noted what works and the changing trends to better accommodate our guests and keep a small footprint on the ecosystem.

To understand the history behind Tradewinds Resorts on St. Pete Beach and the expansion we’re currently planning, keep reading below.

Our Strong Start on the Beachfront

About 60 years ago, Tradewinds Island Resorts set down roots along the emerald-green waves and soft sands of St. Pete Beach. Back in the 1960s, it comprised no more than a few bungalows lining the shore, but the family-owned team created a home-away-from-home feeling for each group of visitors.

Alongside providing five-star services with the resources we had at the time, we also gave back to the community by participating in charities and organizations. Our team supports programs like Habitat for Humanity, Feeding Tampa Bay, and Ronald McDonald House. In recent years, our employees also assist in rebuilding oyster shell reefs with the Tampa Bay Watch and:

  • Conduct monthly meetings to reduce the human footprint
  • Regularly clean the beaches
  • Adopt sea turtle nests annually

Still, Tradewinds Resorts’ preservative efforts also paved the way for all other resorts to implement beachfront amber lighting for the turtles and plant sea life. The enormous root system surrounding the coastline prevents erosion and safeguard the land, especially in extreme weather like hurricanes and tropical storms.

Moreover, we protect the City of St. Pete’s natural resources while reducing waste and diminishing pollution. Not only did these clean efforts contribute to Tripadvisor naming St. Pete Beach the #1 beach in the state, but it led to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection awarding us the Florida Green Lodging certification.

Our Current Beachfront Makeup

The Tradewinds property comprises the Rumfish Beach Resort and Island Grand, contributing to our “stay at one, play at two” theme.

Along the Gulf waters, the Island Grand Beach Resort rests on 28 acres of white sand with ten bars and restaurants and 545 villas and rooms. It also includes a large set of water activities with 12 waterway paddleboats, five pools, and a floating waterpark with a three-story waterslide.

While the Rumfish Beach Resort mirrors Island Grand’s promises of fun on the white sand, sun, and rolling waves, it’s also the best place to experience marine life. The 12 beachfront acres house a 33,500-gallon aquarium with a touch tank experience. In the evenings, retreat to the Rumfish Grill for seafood or any of five restaurants before relaxing at the fire pit or one of five open fire tables.

Rumfish Beach at Tradewinds Resorts also has 352 rooms and villas and 192 cabanas resting by four separate pools. However, even with great views, fine dining with tropical cuisines, and memorable attractions, upscale accommodations are still in high demand. Meeting these needs in the ever-evolving world while maintaining what we’re proud of means expansion is necessary but already in the pipeline.

The Future Spells Expansion

We plan to turn unused parking garages into highly coveted resort spaces with deluxe rooms and new amenities. We’ve already begun our journey of creating the Next Generation TradeWinds with the Alden Suites adding 141 new rooms to the resort in March 2021. With future rooms, we’ll diversify the number of guests per room by creating more one-to-two-guest suites.

We’ll also turn some excess garage areas into about 18,000 square feet of retail space, a conference area of 33,000 square feet, and a whopping 20,000 square feet of state-of-the-art ballroom area. Between 2023 and 2034, we’ll incorporate 850,000 square feet total into our resorts. Our amenities will also include three more swimming pools, a bowling alley, and three new space-saving parking garages.

Arguably more important for these resorts in St. Pete is the upgraded aesthetics we hope will draw in more vacationers. Not only will we have gorgeous bridges connecting the new pools but 30-foot-wide well-lit beach access, a landscape barrier, and ten-foot sidewalks. Keeping up with the times, you’ll also notice a more digital experience with app check-ins and check-outs.

Benefiting Others with the Expansion

Since we fund the expansion in Tradewinds Resorts ourselves—equaling several million dollars and not using taxpayer dollars—we guarantee the money will go to better use in the community. Moreover, our development should provide $19 million annually in tax revenue which will also improve our economy. Other ways our expansion will assist those around us include:

Enhancing tourism

With better aesthetics and more activities and lodging space, we’ll draw in more tourists to shop at our local businesses, improving our economy.

Creating about 300 more job opportunities

Planning for more buildings not only means hiring more staff, lifeguards, and waiters but also designers, architects, and construction workers for the next ten years.

Raising property value

Increasing job opportunities and creating a high-class location adds to a more desirable and robust economy in which to work and live.

Tradewinds Island Resorts is on the verge of something spectacular, keeping the well-being of the economy, guests, and environment at the top of our priority list. Whether you want to reach out to tell us about your charitable organization or to stay at our evolving resorts, contact us. Call 800-360-4016 to book a stay in St. Pete, FL, or talk with an employee about the expansion of the Tradewinds Resort today!

The History and Future of the Tradewinds Resort

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