May 3, 2023

Investing in the Future: How TradeWinds Expansion Benefits the St. Pete Beach Community

St. Pete Beach, a beloved destination for both tourists and residents, is set to embark on an exciting new chapter as TradeWinds Island Resorts announces their ambitious expansion project. The goal is to create a world-class resort that honors the needs of the community while providing an unforgettable experience for its guests. With its long history of providing exceptional service and accommodations, TradeWinds is committed to upholding its reputation while adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry.

Overview of the TradeWinds Expansion Project

The TradeWinds expansion project is an extensive, well-planned endeavor that focuses on enhancing the resort’s offerings while benefiting the St. Pete Beach community. The project entails the addition of 650 new upscale guest rooms, 33,000 square feet of conference space, 18,000 square feet of retail space, three new swimming pools, and three new parking garages. Furthermore, the resort’s overall aesthetic will receive a significant upgrade, and vital infrastructure projects will be implemented to benefit both the resort and the local community.

TradeWinds has assembled a world-class development team to ensure that the expansion meets and exceeds the expectations of the community. The project has been designed with the needs and desires of the local residents in mind, taking care to preserve the unique charm and character of St. Pete Beach.

In the following sections, we will explore the many benefits the TradeWinds expansion project will bring to the St. Pete Beach community, including economic growth, improved infrastructure, enhanced aesthetics, and a continued commitment to public engagement and transparency.

Economic Benefits

The TradeWinds expansion project promises to bring a multitude of economic benefits to the St. Pete Beach community, ensuring a thriving local economy for years to come. From increased tax revenue and job creation to support for local businesses, the project aims to create a sustainable and prosperous future for the area.

Boost in Tax Revenue

A significant benefit of the TradeWinds expansion project is the estimated $19 million additional annual tax revenue that will be generated for the City of St. Pete Beach and other government agencies. This substantial increase in revenue will provide the city with much-needed funds to support vital public services, infrastructure improvements, and community programs.

Job Creation

The TradeWinds expansion project is set to create a wealth of new job opportunities for the local community, providing long-term employment prospects for St. Pete Beach residents.

Permanent Jobs

Upon completion, the expanded resort will create approximately 300 new permanent jobs in various fields such as hospitality, management, retail, and maintenance. These jobs will offer stable employment and opportunities for career growth for local residents, contributing to the overall prosperity of the St. Pete Beach community.

Construction and Other Jobs

During the construction phase of the project, an estimated 500 jobs will be created in the fields of construction, engineering, and other related industries. These temporary positions will inject capital into the local economy, supporting families and businesses throughout the development process.

Support for Local Businesses

The influx of visitors drawn to the expanded TradeWinds resort will have a positive ripple effect on local businesses. With the addition of new retail spaces and increased foot traffic, neighboring shops, restaurants, and service providers can expect to see increased patronage. This boost in business will lead to further economic growth and job creation, fostering a thriving and vibrant community in St. Pete Beach.

Community Enhancements

The TradeWinds expansion project goes beyond economic benefits, as it also focuses on enhancing the quality of life for St. Pete Beach residents. From improved beach access and amenities to environmentally responsible development, the project aims to create a better living environment for the entire community.

New Beach Access and Amenities

The expansion will include a new, beautifully landscaped 30-foot-wide direct beach access for public use. This well-lit, paved pathway will be built, paid for, and maintained by TradeWinds, ensuring that residents can easily and safely access the stunning St. Pete Beach shoreline.

Improved Infrastructure

The TradeWinds project will also deliver vital upgrades to the local infrastructure, addressing existing concerns and enhancing the overall experience for both residents and visitors.

Stormwater Drainage System

A new multi-million dollar stormwater drainage system will be implemented, addressing flooding issues along Gulf Blvd. This sophisticated system will capture and treat stormwater runoff in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring compliance with codes and alleviating the burden on the city’s existing drainage infrastructure.

Widened Sidewalks and Safer Pedestrian Areas

To promote pedestrian safety and accessibility, the project will include widened sidewalks along Gulf Blvd. This improvement will create a more comfortable and secure environment for residents and visitors to enjoy as they stroll through the area.

Environmentally Responsible Development

The TradeWinds expansion project has been designed with environmental responsibility in mind. Alongside the new stormwater drainage system, the development will also consider the needs of local wildlife, such as sea turtles, ensuring minimal impact on their natural habitats.

Addressing Traffic and Parking Concerns

To minimize traffic congestion and parking issues, the expansion project includes several strategic solutions. The development plan features an interior circulation road designed to take cars off Gulf Blvd., reducing the number of entrances and exits from TradeWinds from nine to four. Additionally, three new parking garages will be constructed, providing ample space for guests’ cars and reducing the potential for crowding along Gulf Blvd. An independent traffic consultant has studied the development plan and verified the adequacy of these measures in addressing traffic flow and parking concerns.

Aesthetics and Design

The TradeWinds expansion project prioritizes aesthetics and design, aiming to create a visually stunning and harmonious environment for St. Pete Beach. By partnering with world-class architects and landscape designers, the development aims to elevate the area’s overall appearance while preserving ocean views for local residents.

World-Class Architectural Design

TradeWinds has enlisted the expertise of renowned architects from Nunzio Marc DeSantis Architects, a firm known for designing luxury hotels for prestigious brands such as Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. Their architectural vision will ensure the new development is upscale, stylish, and seamlessly integrates with the existing TradeWinds resort that the community knows and loves.

Landscaping and Visual Appeal

Landscape architects from Perry-Becker have been engaged to create a visually appealing environment that adds value to the St. Pete Beach community. The project will incorporate substantial amounts of landscaping along Gulf Blvd. and around the parking garages, enhancing the overall aesthetic appearance and providing an attractive view from the street.

Preservation of Ocean Views for Residents

One of the primary concerns for local residents is the preservation of ocean views. The expansion project has been designed with this in mind, ensuring that new structures are situated away from neighboring properties to the greatest extent possible. This careful planning will help maintain the air, light, and views that residents currently enjoy, while still allowing for the growth and development of the TradeWinds resort.

Public Engagement and Transparency

The TradeWinds expansion project is committed to engaging with the St. Pete Beach community and being transparent about the development process. By proactively seeking input from residents and addressing their concerns, the project aims to foster positive relationships and create a development that benefits all stakeholders.

Community Meetings and Outreach

Throughout the planning process, TradeWinds has actively reached out to the local community, holding meetings with condo and homeowner associations, visiting businesses in the surrounding area, and sending over 4,500 letters to inform residents about the project. In addition, they have published newspaper ads and posted signs along Gulf Blvd. to keep the public informed about the project’s progress.

Addressing Resident Concerns and Feedback

TradeWinds values the input of the St. Pete Beach community and has made changes to the project based on resident feedback. For example, they have redesigned the parking garage to include screens and greenery, preventing headlights from shining out and disrupting neighboring properties. They have also adjusted landscaping plans to address concerns about views and added baffles to the stormwater drainage system to ensure environmentally responsible water treatment.

Resources for More Information

For those interested in learning more about the TradeWinds expansion project, the developers have created a comprehensive website ( that provides detailed information about the plans, goals, and benefits of the development. In addition to the website, the project owners continue to engage with the community through various outreach initiatives, ensuring that all residents have the opportunity to learn about and provide input on the project.

The Future of St. Pete Beach with TradeWinds Expansion

The TradeWinds expansion project promises to bring a wealth of benefits to the St. Pete Beach community, ensuring a vibrant and thriving future for the area. By investing in world-class design, environmental responsibility, and a range of community enhancements, the project aims to create a lasting positive impact on the local economy, infrastructure, and quality of life.

As the development moves forward, it is crucial for TradeWinds and the St. Pete Beach community to continue working together to address concerns and collaborate on solutions that benefit everyone. Through ongoing communication and a shared commitment to making St. Pete Beach the best it can be, the TradeWinds expansion is poised to set a new standard for responsible and sustainable development in the region.

With this project, TradeWinds is not only securing its place as a leading family resort for generations to come, but it is also contributing to the overall well-being and prosperity of the St. Pete Beach community. As the area continues to grow and evolve, the TradeWinds expansion serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of prioritizing both economic and community interests in shaping a bright future.

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