Where will the new buildings be built?

The expansion includes guestroom buildings that average 180 feet away from Gulf Blvd. and will not crowd the experience along Gulf Blvd.

Will the project include any landscape and improve how it currently looks?

TradeWinds has hired landscape architects to add substantial amounts of landscaping on Gulf Blvd. and also around the parking garages to provide an attractive appearance from the street. New structures will largely sit on unsightly existing surface parking lots.

Will buildings be demolished to make way for new buildings?

Only one small two-story building will be demolished. New buildings will be built on top of the existing unsightly and underutilized surface parking lots.

What are you doing to ensure the expansion is attractive and high quality?

The buildings are being designed by a renowned architect who has designed many luxury hotels for Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. The property will be upscale and a stylistic fit with the TradeWinds known and loved in the community.

I live in the area. Will I be able to access the beach though TradeWinds?

Yes. For the first time ever, TradeWinds will have a new 30-foot-wide landscaped, paved and well-lit beach access that will be built, paid for, and maintained by TradeWinds.

Will neighboring residences still have their ocean views?

Buildings have been designed away from neighbors to the extent possible to address air, light and views.

Does TradeWinds’ expansion comply with building codes?

The plan complies with the City of St. Pete Beach development code and the comprehensive plan. No variances are being sought.

What efforts were made to reach out to the community?

Over 4,500 letters were sent, a newspaper ad was published in Tampa Bay Times on 6/29/22, seven signs were posted along Gulf Blvd., local business in surrounding area were visited and several meetings with surrounding condo and home owner associations were had. We continue to reach out to the community.

Will TradeWinds be maximizing the allowable buildable area?

No, the proposed plan is 1 Million square feet less than the maximum development potential allowed.

What have you done in response to community requests/feedback?

Based on feedback from meetings with our neighbors we have redesigned the garage to include screens and greenery to beautify and stop headlights from shining out. We have also lowered landscaping to address sensitivities to views. We also added baffles to storm water drainage to ensure environmentally treated water.

How can I find out more about the project?

In addition to the information contained on the website, the owners have had an active outreach to the surrounding neighbors to discuss the plans and solicit opinions.

Will the expansion cause cars to back up on Gulf Blvd?

The development plan includes an interior circulation road designed to take cars off Gulf Blvd. as they enter and move around TradeWinds, a reduction of entrances and exits from TradeWinds from nine to four, and a widening of the sidewalk to 10 feet to lessen traffic on Gulf Blvd and promote pedestrian accessibility. An independent traffic consultant studied the development plan and is satisfied the plan is appropriate.

Will any portion of Gulf Blvd. be taken for TradeWinds development use?

No. TradeWinds is building a large 10-foot sidewalk and a landscape barrier on TradeWinds property for the benefit of the community and will not use Gulf Blvd right-of- way.

Will the expansion strain the city’s drainage system and increase the chance of flooding on Gulf Blvd.?

The plan includes a sophisticated stormwater drainage system on TradeWinds’ land that will address existing flooding concerns along TradeWinds’ side of Gulf Blvd., will capture stormwater runoff from the site that otherwise might go to Gulf Blvd., will treat the runoff in an environmentally responsible manner and be in compliance with codes at a minimum.

Will this project use taxpayers’ money?

The expansion is privately funded and is expected to bring more than $19-million in new annual tax revenue to the community.

Has a previous conditional use permit been issued for TradeWinds?

Yes. In 2017 the city approved a conditional use permit for a new building just south of the Alden Suites. This building included 217 rooms and a parking garage with several hundred spaces. Due to a variety of reasons, this new building was not built, but the demand for hotel rooms remains strong. The current proposal will construct new upscale hotel rooms in a smaller building on that location which sits further away from neighboring properties.

Will the expansion be environmentally responsible?

TradeWinds will be improving the environmental impact in many respects, such as treating the runoff water from the site. The project will also be built with turtle migrations in mind.

Why don’t you add a public access south of Coral Reef?

There are many constituents in the market. Not all of them want the access where some residents want them. Notwithstanding the conflicting views within the community, we are working on an additional access point in a location which will satisfy the opposing constituents.

Will you still have a private gated entrance that causes a back-up of cars on Gulf Blvd?

No. We will eliminate the guard gate and allow traffic to pull into the center of the site and off of Gulf Blvd to address any potential congestion of cars turning into TradeWinds.

Are you building a casino?

There will not be any gambling at TradeWinds in any form.